Web Publishing - xCMS Jaguar

xCMS Jaguar is the successor of the content management system xCMS which was based on ASP .net backend and frontend both setup on a remote server. With generation Jaguar, we replaced Windows/ASP.NET/MySQL with GAE/PHP/MySQL and moved backoffice from the remote location to a in-house server. The previous HTML/CSS grid system has been replaced with jQuery / Bootstrap

Jaguar Media builds up on the well performing GAE/PHP/MySQL setup, although replacing PHP with python/jinja. Jaguar Media can be seen here temporarily: xCMS Media.


Desktop applications are connected with local or remote database and allow content edition. Content may be pushed manually or automatically to the public Web site(s).

xCMS Media content is maintained remote through a login restricted APP (GAE) running on python/jinja .

High Performance

With Google App Engine, PHP or python/jinja, Google Cloud SQL, jQuery and Bootstrap, Web sites are mobile first, responsive and easily scalable for peek traffic or steady high volumes.

Personalized Content

Selected individual visitors or segments of visitors can be addressed with personalized content based on geo-location or web site interactions in realtime.


Discovery Mexico

Book hotels, flights, excursions and shuttles in all popular beach destinations and colonial cities of Mexico.

English, Spanish


Photos & videos of animals, flowers and landscapes.

Blog, Photos, Videos