Web Publishing - xCMS Jaguar

xCMS Jaguar is the successor of the content management system xCMS.


xCMS Jaguar is built on Google App Engine and Cloud SQL. Originally using php server side scripting, the newest version uses Python 2.7 and Jinja2 as templating language.


We developed a staging process which consists of raw data tables updated through either API services or manually [Web]. Raw data is processed and migrated into pre-publishing tables for review and upon approval data released to the final tables feeding the actual Web pages.

Images are served either through Google static user content or Imigx. In both cases, opmitized files are published for different devices and screen sizes. [Art Direction possible]

High Performance

With Google App Engine and Python high server performance and scalability is guaranteed. Using jQuery and Bootstrap, web pages are mobile first, responsive and cross-browser/device compatible.

Personalized Content

Selected individual visitors or segments of visitors can be addressed with personalized content based on geo-location and web site navigation history in realtime.


Discovery Mexico

Book hotels, flights, excursions and shuttles in all popular beach destinations and colonial cities of Mexico.

English, Spanish


Photos & videos of animals, flowers and landscapes.

Blog, Photos, Videos